EBay Changing Its Payment Methodology?

If your pawn business, like many others, regularly sells items on eBay, you may be interested in the payment changes that are going to be taking place on eBay’s Germany site next year.

On January 1, 2013, eBay.de will start collecting payments from buyers and paying sellers only after sellers indicate items have been shipped. Originally, the change was supposed to occur in June 2012, but according to an article by Julia Wilkinson on the EcommerceBytes website, the change was delayed “because the company needs additional regulatory approval.”

It is important to note, as Wilkinson did in her EcommerceBytes article, that in conjunction with the transactional changes, eBay.de sales commissions for professional sellers, such as pawn brokers, will rise by two percent.

You may not use eBay.de, but you have to wonder whether or not a similar payment system would fly in the US.  Apparently, the majority of eBay.de message board users are unhappy about the switch.