Stallcup Group Approach

Finding a business exit strategy consultant to represent you during the sale of your pawn shop or shops is easy. What’s not so easy is finding an exit strategy consultant who has significant experience in the pawn industry.

Before you choose a consultant to represent you during the sale of your pawn business, ask yourself:

• Have they represented pawn brokers before?
• Do they have existing relationships with the major pawn companies (i.e., buyers)?
• Are they fluent in the industry-specific language used by pawn shop buyers and sellers?
• Do they understand how the major pawn companies make pawn business evaluations and acquisitions?
• Will they take the time to evaluate my pawn business’s unique characteristics, collect the appropriate data, and perform the analyses that will maximize my ability to market and sell my pawn shop at the optimal price?

Too many consultants who claim to have vast experience in the pawn industry use old-school, strong-arm tactics during buyer negotiations. These tactics, which are almost never rooted in fact and hard data, waste time and yield lackluster results.

Stallcup Group was founded for the benefit of the pawn shop owner by a pawn industry veteran. Stallcup Group’s pawn exit strategy consultants only represent owners like you. They know how to apply an arsenal of data-driven methods to the selling/closing process in ways that are specific to the pawn industry.

Forget the strong-arm tactics and vague pawn business evaluations with which industry amateurs approach pawn shop exit strategy consulting. Stallcup Group serves pawn brokers and their interests better.