Why Sell

In most cases, Stallcup Group’s free business evaluation yields enough information for the Stallcup Group team to gain a general idea of the value of your pawn shop or shops. Why should you sell your thriving pawn business? Your initial pawn business evaluation will make the benefits clear. It will also inform you of any hurdles that may need to be overcome.

Once the right data has been obtained and analyzed, Stallcup Group will evaluate your tangible and intangible assets, gather any additional information that may be needed, perform final analyses, and, if it is in your best interest to sell, prepare and present your information to buyers.

At Stallcup Group, we are experts at presenting your data in a way that works to your advantage and represents you and your interests in the best possible light. Because Stallcup Group’s leaders have been on the buyer’s side of the fence, we also know how to format your data in a way that potential buyers can easily understand.

We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can tell you that we’ve have helped pawn brokers just like you achieve a total of more than $205M in sales since 2009.

Numbers don’t lie. If you’re considering selling your pawn shop, we can provide you with the data that will help you determine whether or not you will be able to close at the price that will empower you to meet—or even exceed—your future goals.