Market Landscape

Historically, indecisive leadership, poor business investments, and expensive corporate infrastructures have caused independent pawn shops to be saddled with low business valuations within the pawn industry at large. With only a handful of large corporate buyers dictating the market and very few pawn brokers knowing where turn for exit strategy consulting services and stellar representation during the selling process, pawn shop owners have been forced to receive poor compensation for their independent pawn shops.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Gold prices are soaring. On top of that, the stock prices of the large, publicly-traded pawn shop corporations have risen significantly. These large corporations are now fighting to gain market share in an extremely fragmented industry. They need to buy up more of the market in order to come out on top.

The tide has turned in favor of the sellers. Now is the time to jump in and capitalize on the buying frenzy within the pawn industry.

Stallcup Group understands today’s favorable seller’s environment. Our team uses its knowledge of the inner-workings of the publicly-traded pawn companies to give independent pawn brokers like you the highest possible advantage throughout every step of the selling/closing process.