Analysis and Results-Driven Marketing

At Stallcup Group, we understand how hard you’ve worked to grow your pawn business and how important it is for potential buyers to appreciate its true worth. That is why we’ve developed a proprietary financial modeling methodology designed specifically for pawn shops and their owners. By performing a fact-based analysis of your pawn business, we can identify what it is worth and make its value indisputable in the eyes of potential buyers. Using hard data, Stallcup Group essentially takes negotiations out of the selling/closing process and puts the ball in the seller’s court.

Once a comprehensive analysis of your pawn business is complete, Stallcup Group will package your information in a manner that appeals to buyers. (If you haven’t yet obtained an initial, free pawn business evaluation from Stallcup Group, click here.) We will then help you reach out to the right buyers for your pawn business.

Having multiple buyers vying over a pawn shop increases the likelihood of driving up the selling price. Stallcup Group has longstanding relationships with multiple major pawn shop corporations/buyers and makes it a point to know exactly what each potential buyer wants in a pawn shop. Armed with an appealing presentation, hard data, and knowledge of each buyer’s wants, we will market your pawn business to all buyers by leveraging your financial data, market trends, and the timing of the sale.

Stallcup Group knows exactly what it takes to get independent pawn shop owners top dollar for their pawn shops. Industry experience, unique financial modeling methodology, results-driven marketing presentations, and sound, fact-driven negotiation strategies are just a few of the things that make Stallcup Group the most sought after leader in pawn shop exit strategy consulting today.