Our Success

Since 2009, Stallcup Group has closed 25 transactions comprised of 92 pawn shops for a combined total of more than $170M. We’ve put real money in the hands of real independent pawn brokers just like you. Take a look at the chart below. We’ve proven that whether you own one pawn shop or multiple shops, we can help you achieve top dollar for the sale of your pawn business.

We don’t have to tell you how important it is to work with pawn industry professionals who know the value that stellar pawn shop exit strategy consulting can bring to independent pawn shop owners; the numbers speak for themselves. No matter your location, Stallcup Group can help you find the right buyers and sell your pawn business for what it is truly worth—not what the first buyer who shows an interest in business tells you what it’s worth.

Need help selling a pawn shop or a multiple-shop enterprise? Stallcup Group is here to help.



2009 Miami 1 2011 San Antonio 15
2010 St. Petersburg 8 2011 Miami 1
2010 Chicago 4 2011 Hollywood, FL 1
2010 Indianapolis 4 2012 Atlanta 2
2010 St. Louis 2 2012 Tuscon 12
2010 Chicago 3 2013 South Clinton, TN 1
2010 Chicago 1 2014 Naples & Ft. Myers, FL 12
2010 Chicago 1 2014 Virginia 1
2010 Atlanta 1 2014 Virginia 1
2011 Arlington, TX 1 2014 Dallas, TX 4
2011 Chicago 1 2015 Killeen, TX 12
2011 Sarasota, FL 3